The Quo

Quorn Ukulele  Orchestra meets every Thursday evening 6.30 to 8.30 pm in the Old School Hall, School Lane,  Quorn. New strummers of any standard are always welcome, indeed absolute beginners are offered a free one-hour introductory lesson.  All members pay a small weekly charge to cover the cost of hiring the room.

In line with our charitable ambitions, the QUO plays for worthy events and good causes. If the event is raising money for a particular charity we are happy to play in support of that charity. If no charity is nominated by the event organisers we ask for a donation/collection in support of our nominated charities. Most places we play also allow us to put out our charity collection bucket because individual audience members often wish to make a personal contribution/

All enquiries please by email to the Bob Parks Orchestra Secretary (see below).

The Music

We play music from all eras over the last 100 years and in lots of styles including pop, folk, country and traditional.  We try very much to reflect the preferences of the members and everyone has the opportunity to introduce the kind of music they enjoy.

Our repertoire includes songs of varying degrees of complexity, some very simple and some more challenging. Our hope is that all members will progress and improve as players and feel that they can make at least some contribution to every song.

We provide all the music you need as downloadable pdf files. We also provide all members with a complete two printed Songbooks of over 200 songs and medleys. Some members choose to play directly from a tablet.

We communicate by email- updates to songs, news of gigs, minutes of committee meetings, changes of plan all come by email.

Fancy joining us?  A recent newcomer wrote: “What a boiling cauldron of music and singing it was tonight. We never expected it to be such a seething frantic pulsating outpouring of bursting at the seams music.  It was  tremendous fun.”

You can download an an application form here QUO Membership Form

Rainbows Open Day

Alzheimer’s Society Fundraising Barbecue.


All quo activities are suspended until further notice in line with the goverNment’s advice and recommendations.
we are Taking bookings for 2021 in the hope that we will be able to play again. Please contact the secretary by phone or email to discuss your requirements. Contact details below.

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QUO – “People wonder what we’re doing. What we’re doing is just singing songs”.